This site represents a team of Java developers. We design Java applications and applets of any level of complexity. We have a strong background with server side processing.

If your search criteria was JarClassLoader or Java SNMP you found the correct site. The simple yet powerful JarClassLoader is used by many Java developers in many open source and commercial applications. Our SNMP expertise allows us to make easy modifications of existing Java applications and to make them SNMP-enabled.

The list of successfully deployed projects includes (but is not limited to):

  • Most recently, we added SNMP functionality to multiple existing server Java applications. The design was based on SNMP4J library, which is an open source and has a very good support. The result was overwhelming, our designed library had such a simple API that non-SNMP Java developers were able to perform modifications without learning SNMP and the complex SNMP4J library.
  • We created a Java applet to display and navigate biological data with a number of data elements that numbered in the billions. At the same time the applet had strict memory limitations. The applet was successfully deployed. It had flexible architecture, simple data compression mechanism and intuitive UI. The applet with its distinguished "look-and-feel" became an important part of the company's marketing efforts. The UI of the applet was later patented.
  • In another successful project, we refactored an existing server side data processor that was feeding data to the applet. The processor startup initialization time was approximately 40 minutes, it was a memory hog with very frequent server crashes. The redesigned processor loading time became 30 seconds without sacrificing of response time.